Welcome to ScatShop.com!

We’re proud to be officially open.  Welcome, to the best poop clip store on the Internet!

The models you will find here are all independent.  Each one films their own content, and publishes it here themselves.  You can send the seller a private message to buy custom videos, ask questions, or just say hello!  And of course, you can buy all their naughty clips.

For the models, we pay out more than any other poop site on the Internet. In fact, we’re run by models! Other sites were very greedy and eating commissions like you wouldn’t believe. Most of the money you spend here goes right to them. Our operating profits are about 5%. So if your a model making clips, you wont find a better deal!

Another neat feature of this site is the Buy Credits part.  Sure, you can checkout normally like you would any other Internet store with regular payment methods, but the credits part helps by allowing you to buy credits in bulk to spend like cash on the site without clogging up your bank statements with small transactions.  For frequent buyers, you’ll really appreciate the simplicity of it!  Every new customer who signs up gets $1 in credits in their account for free.  Add more to top it off! Help keep your bank statement clean and eliminate wife-snooping. 😉

If your looking to keep things super-anonymous, we also accept Bitcoins for payment.  Safe, simple, and really easy to use.  If you have a Coinbase.com account or never used Bitcoins, or already have your own wallet, your ready to go!

As with anything, you can always reach us for help by emailing help@ScatShop.com. Happy surfing!