Everything you get from my store is real and authentic. I don’t do it unless I’m having a good time so you can be sure my videos are genuine ?? Anytime you have a question or request just send me a message! I love to chat with viewers. I never film in a studio and all my videos are filmed in the comfort of my own space allowing me to relax and give you authentic orgasms, shit, piss, periods, farts and puke. Whatever you like ? I’m always open minded and eager to please so tell me what you’d like to see!! ?xoxo



November Special!! Who isn’t excited for thanksgiving? with the holiday approaching I would like to offer a November dine and dump video special! You chose a thanksgiving side and I will eat it on camera for you. Then I will shit it out onto a plate for you and we can dig through it together for all the undigested pieces! videos are 10 minutes for only $99.00. shoot me a message ill be doing them all month long! If dine and dump isn’t your thing message me anyway and lets discuss a custom! ill be doing specials through the new year!! message me!!

6 oz pee – 30.00

toe nail clippings – 35.00

load of poo- 75.00

period pad or tampon – 55.00

poo brownies made with a full load- 100.00

dirty panties with cum/piss/ shit – 100.00

vomit – 100.00

spit- 30.00

worn socks- 30.00

photos 5.00 per. Min 5 photos. Please message with photo request before purchasing.

all prices include priority shipping within the United States ?? add an addition 55.00 for international shipping. Custom items do NOT include a custom video. Custom videos are priced by length and content. Please message me before any purchases thank you!!!


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