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When I think of a huge shit leaving my tight asshole, I instantly get wet. I just think pooping girls are so damn hot, and doing it myself makes me so excited. The way shit opens up my hole, is such an amazing feeling. I also love to put dildo’s or buttplugs in my ass, because when I really have to shit, it just pushes out the plug and the shit is unstoppable. My ultimate scat dream is to suck a guy in 69 position, have my asshole fingered and licked, push out some hot farts, and then shit all over the guy’s chest. Then I’d love to be fucked in my shitty asshole!

I’m still exploring this fetish, so sometimes I try new things and see if I like them. I’d love to explore it with you and show you every little shitty thing I have to offer.

Things I’m not into:¬†Getting shit inside my pussy. Tasting/eating my shit. Smearing on other parts of my body except my chubby ass.


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