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My name is Nicoletta, I’m 27 Actually I live in Italy (Milano) but I travel often in Uk for work. I’m a extreme fetish addict. I like enema, poo, diaper (oh yesssaaaa) extreme things, crazy videos and strong emotion. Here you can see a lot of my videos in Hd resolution. In the real life I’m a “Nerdy girl” who likes to play with Pokemon Go (lol).

If I was a pokemon I would definitely be Psyduck a yellow Pokémon that resembles a duck or bipedal platypus. Psyduck is constantly stunned by its headache and is unable to think very clearly. It usually stands immobile, trying to calm its headache. However, when its headache becomes too severe, it releases tension in the form of strong psychic powers. The use of these powers produces brain waves identical to those seen in sleepers, and the Pokémon is unable to recall these episodes. Oh my god it’s like me! Also I do some sports, I like walk in the nature or in some city to collect pokemon. I like museum, modern art, shopping… I do every day vinyasa yoga and yoga Nidra meditation. I’m a normal girl with a strong passion for fetish: I like strong emotions give me these videos … I like to experience new things every day in the videos … I feel really free when I do it! For many years I suffered for a very strong agoraphobia, this extreme things helps me to go outside and feel new emotions.

Here on Scatshop you can buy pre recorded videos in my profile or also write to me for a costum video.

I don’t do Skype session (sorry) but you can buy some private things… like… poo panties or thong, dirty diapers, squirting bottle or pee… and sure… my poo.

You can contact me for any information.

Bye! Kiss


UPS! Want to send me a little gift? Please check my amazon wishlist! Meow!

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