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Welcome to my Shithouse store!! here you will find everything your pervy little heart desires. If you are interested in something that may not be available on my page send me a private message I can probably help you out! Keep playing and Keep watching!

Disgustingly yours,

Ally Bee


6 oz pee – 60.00

toe nail clippings – 40.00

load of poo- 85.00

period pad or tampon – 65.00

poo brownies made with a full load- 120.00

Red velvet Shit filled sandwich cookies dipped in chocolate sent in a decorative box and a personalized hand written letter- 180.00

Peanut butter shit filled sandwich cookies – 135.00

Chocolate chip shit filled sandwich cookies – 135.00

dirty panties with cum/piss/ shit – 100.00

vomit – 100.00

spit- 40.00

worn socks- 40.00

5 min vid of me taking a bath with 8oz bath water shipped 99.00

Personal letter mailed to you 10.00. Includes a handwritten private dirty story about some of my playtimes away from the camera!! Including my scent on the paper 😈

photos 5.00 per. Min 5 photos. Please message with photo request before purchasing.

all prices include priority shipping within the United States . Add an additional 55.00 for international shipping. Custom items do NOT include a custom video. Custom videos are priced by length and content. Please message me before any purchases thank you!!! You may substitute vomit in the brownie treats at no additional charge and you can add piss and spit if you would like for no additional charges. Be creative we can make them as gourmet as you would like !


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