❤Welcome to my throne!❤


Hey y’all! You can call me CB. I’m 26 and I’ve been selling in the fetish world for almost a year.


Want to spoil me? Offer to send me an amazon gift card and I’ll take nudes with whatever I buy. New rug? New cacti? New veggie spirilizar? I’ll make all that as sexy as I can.


If you want to learn how I got into poo specifically, watch my video: How I Got Into This


I offer mailable toilet items only within the US.

New poo options are available:
4oz of poo for $30 (grab and send from my freezer, no proof video, no custom consistency), 4oz of poo for $40 (custom consistency, no proof video), and 4oz of poo for $50 (custom consistency and basic proof video)

For more info, check my listing here: Mailable items


Outside of pee and poo, I also sell other items and services such as:
Worn panties, period items, worn shirts, worn socks, worn camis, worn bras, masturbation videos, and used condoms, to name a few.

If those kind of items interest you, send me a message for more information!


Saying a quick hello, giving some feedback, and asking a few questions is welcomed on any site you find me!

❌Do NOT try to sext with me or ask for freebies.❌


And don’t forget, y’all, that five star reviews are greatly appreciated!


I don’t offer custom videos at this time.


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