Please send screenshots when you buy videos so I can make sure there are no discrepancies to my payouts. THANK YOU!

UPDATE: 5/3/2019 I appreciate any purchases you continue to make from my shop here.  I also want to thank all of you that have supported and motivated me to create these videos. Unfortunately I’m not interested in creating videos for pirates to profit off of even more so than myself. If you’re reading this I urge you to support the other wonderful models here. I have seen at least 1 other shop close & others raise their prices. Supporting piracy is the reason shops close. If you enjoy the content and the kink then support the models not the people ripping them off. If you requested my videos to be added to those other sites, and I’ve seen the requests, then thank you for contributing to this goodbye.

I’ll finish publishing what I have in my computer.


If you click on view my profile & take a look at my private files I shared my entire list of sales & income from this site for the past 2 years.

If you’d like to tip me, here’s my amazon wishlist:



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