Updated 9/21/2018

UPDATE: At this time, I can only fulfill custom poo packages for those who have bought packages from me before.
Please shoot me a message to set up your order! Please plan on ordering before the 30st to have your package delivered that 1st week of November! 

I’ve decided to start the process of limiting access to my scat content until I’ve gotten a handle on the piracy. You will notice changes in pricing & older videos will be removed.

Piracy is a part of any creative industry and of course I know I’ll never be able to stop it all. But with my scat content especially, its gotten out of hand & I honestly just need to regain control over my videos before I can feel ready to release more. Perhaps some of you, as fellow creatives, can actually relate to this conflict. I know others will not, but hopefully my words can offer some perspective on the matter.

SS opened doors to a whole new fetish that I feel I’ve only begun really dipping into. I hope I can make it work for me even better in the future. Those of you who support my work & do so in an ethical manner– thank you. I see your reviews & your messages & it makes me really happy that I can make content that you enjoy.


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