Updated 8/13/2018

I’m not confident I want to keep my ScatShop open. Stock up clips while you can!


Princess is Annoyed.

I know we all just want to cum but I really encourage everyone to be more responsible consumers of porn especially when buying from independent artists like myself. I’m a one-woman operation & piracy only makes my job that much more difficult. Buying my video(s) doesn’t entitle you to redistribute my content to others. 

& goes without saying, if you’re going out of your way to find my pirated videos instead of paying for them, then you are scum.

I know this message won’t reach most but I’m stating it for my own peace of mind & so that no customer can say that I haven’t warned y’all. I love releasing videos on ScatShop but I’m not just going to accept the level of piracy, coming from users of this site specifically. Y’all can respect my ass or you wont see it at all.

I get such positive feedback from customers that it only makes it more frustrating to see the number of pirated clips from this site. If y’all love my videos so much, then enjoy them how they’re meant to be enjoyed (private entertainment) & STOP fucking with my business. 

I cannot produce videos for an audience that cares so little about how piracy impacts me & my business. I don’t experience piracy like this for any other content type.  You scat fetishists have a real thing for piracy & I’m growing increasingly more exhausted with it with each DMCA take-down request.

Effective immediately, all videos will be priced at $12 minimum. Other prices will be adjusted accordingly. I will not short-sell my content from this point moving forward.

If you have so little respect for me as an artist that you go out of your way to re-distribute MY content without MY permission, you are no fan of mine. You HURT my business with your selfish actions & it’s incredibly frustrating.


Thank you to all my customers who’ve responsibly purchased my videos. You are not who this message is addressed to & I apologize in advanced for having to close my store, if that ends up being the decision I have to make.

Those who pirate my content? You are the reason my store will likely be closed soon & so you can rot. thanks. 


For custom videos: Subject line should be “CUSTOM VIDEO”. In your message, include a detailed description for your scene: Including video length, costumes/outfits, dialogue, camera angles, etc. Once we’ve gone over your scene together, order using my order form.

poo packages/brownies/muffins: Subject line should be “POO PACKAGE” or “BROWNIES” or “MUFFINS”.  If there are specific order requests you have, then please include those in the body of the message. Once we’ve gone over your order, you can order using my order form.


$60 • ~5 minutes

$85 • 10-15 minutes

$130 • 20-25 minutes

2-4 weeks turn-around from time of purchase.

~ Princess’ Poo Packages ~ 

$75 – Cup of Crap (Single serving of fresh poop!)

$100 – Booty Brownies (Shit-infused brownies)

$115 – PooBerry Muffins *NEW* (Shit-infused muffins)

If you have a speciality request, please message me!


Keep in mind: All poo packages/custom video orders will include an additional charge to cover the portion the site takes from my earnings (40% of the total) + $15 shipping. I will provide you with a price breakdown before you order. 

I cannot accept INTERNATIONAL orders at this time! 

Purchase panties from my website!





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