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Hi everybody,

Good looking site and easy to use.. Love it..

I am sex slave abby, collared by my Master of two years owned now. My kink is compersion, submission in sexuality involving the kinks of others under the directions of Master. W/we are Sensualpain.com – insex.com Alliance.

One of his many fetishes is taboo. This is all the fetishes that are not OK to post on a general porn site like poo, pee, puke, period play and a few other unmentionables.

I am here to make friends and share experiences with like minded kinky, dirty people..

I love to hear your comments… Leave me a post

Things that would describe me are Kinky, sexy, shaved head, colorful wigs -hair, smart, nice ass, new, tattoos, pierced, smile, natural tits, playful, pretty, fetish, BDSM, submissive, big eyes, pierced pussy, petite, MILF, pussy play, alternative, bad ass, large toys, horny, sex slave, nice, intelligent, long tongue, anal, new model, hot, bald girls, take instructions well, photograph well, fantastic on video and a huge turn-on..

Worn Panties, Custom videos, extreme play and specialty live shows via web available.

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What Turns Me On:

-Massive enemas that clean me out entirely
-drinking Master’s piss
-Master pissing in all my holes
-Holding my poop for days and desperately holding it in until I simply cannot any longer.
-wetting my panties and pants
-pooping in panties
-big hard heavy turds and the plop sounds they make on the floor
-long snakey turds that don’t break
-piss enemas
-Master’s dirty smelling asshole
-public pissing
-pissing like a dude

What Turns Me Off:

-small turds
-stubborn turds that break into little pieces
-light colored soft turds
-shit tasting and or eating
-shit dick pussy fucking
-salty concentrated piss
-Rude People