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Chicago, IL, USA

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About Me:

I was asked to take pics of my poop once and it’s all been downhill from there! ;D I think it’s the exhibitionist in me that just LOVEs knowing someone is watching me in my most private moments – and I love to have fun with it 🙂

If you buy something and leave a review, PM me letting me know and I might just send you a couple appreciative pics ;o !

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What Turns Me On:

Knowing someone got super hard or came really good from something I made! Enthusiasm is contagious and gets me excited all over again about something!

What can I say, I’m a giver!

What Turns Me Off:

Pressure and Neediness – This is a hobby for me, so if I’m not ready to try putting stuff up my bum or show my whole face, I’m not ready – Let’s keep things light and fun!