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A Toilet Slave – For Women
NOW why any Female would want to invest Her most precious of resources, Her time, into taking the trouble to train the male as Her full toilet. Let us begin then with a brief overview of some of the most obvious advantages.


Using a toilet slave is no riskier to the Female than receiving oral sex from a male pleasure device. he is, after all, your own permanent toilet slave. You should be, the only person he has contact with. In so doing, you have entirely sanitized the male canine at a stroke. Instead of placing yourself at enormous risk with every known worm in the gutter, by allowing him to roam freely as the hound he so surely is. There is now zero risk to you !

You are infinitely safer with your male toilet application safely shackled down in your bathroom than being in a relationship where your poodle can cheat on you the moment your back is turned. As he surely will.


Your male toilet slave will both empty and cleanse itself. Never again will you need to get on your hands and knees to clean the toilet bowl.


Unlike conventional toilets that frequently clog up and overflow at the most inconvenient of times, your own personal male toilet slave never clogs up and is available to you day or night.

Odour free

As you develop your technique, with your male toilet, your ass will ultimately end up pressed tightly against his lips under the weight of your body. Your waste is never exposed to room air but passes directly from you into your male application and down into his stomach. No unpleasant odours swirling around in the bathroom, which leaves you nicely positioned to get on with other tasks in the bathroom, instead of falling over yourself in the mad rush to escape any foul stench. You have now nicely developed your male toilet mouth into an environmentally safe, clean air device.

Mess free

Because of the direct connection with your male toilet application, explained above, no spills will occur, once you have regulated your male appliance, to swallow in accordance with the natural rythms of your body. Most Females do not pee in the type of quantities that the beer swilling male lout does. Most male toilets can comfortably hold an entire bladder delivery from a Female in one mouthful. Never worry about an overflowing toilet again !


Once you have passed your ultimate gift to your male and ingestion has occurred, he licks your sticky bottom clean. You don’t ever need to touch yourself down there again, risking any transfer of nasty bacteria to your hands. You don’t ever need to touch a germ riddled toilet handle again.

After you have finished the male toilet application licks your bottom infinitely cleaner than you can ever achieve with toilet tissue alone. Firing jet streams of cold water up your ass is extreme and archaic, not to mention the total inconvenience of spashbacks. The male dirty bottom washing tongue is always conveniently in sync with your own body temperature, bringing a cutting edge, height of comfort to the unpleasant but unavoidable task of having to clean yourself. There simply is nothing that can compare, when cleaning your messy, goo sticky bottom after your morning constitutional than the tongue of a male. Try it and you will see, there is no turning back once you have experienced a proficient male toilet slave.


It is a proven fact that human waste contains many undigested nutrients. The same is true of animals, which is why dogs can often be seen smelling or nibbling on poo poo, they can smell the undigested bits of food. You alone can quite easily provide 25 pct of the average male’s daily nutritional requirements directly from your gorgeous asshole. Since a full toilet slave is immobile and doesn’t exert any energy, 25 pct of his recommended daily intake of nutrients is quite sufficient nourishment for him. A daily multi-vitamin pill for him, along with an anti biotic (optional), is all that you need to feed him. You have now created yourself the ideal economical male, always on hand when you need him most, in the same reliable position in which you last dumped him, ready and willing to pleasure you in an instance.


It feels so much more sensual to have your mucky ass thoroughly and extensively licked clean by a nice, soft, warm and automatically wetting tongue, adjusted to your own body temperature, slowly, both deep inside and out after passing your morning constituttional, than it is by a scratchy wad of cheap, sometimes recycled paper, or the jet propelled stream of wholly uncomfortable cold water.


Once you have provided the toilet male with a filling, either proven rejuvenating, efferescent, precious spa waters or your ultimate double sticky, choco truffle suprize, try using your toilet slave to bring you to climax once he has thoroughly cleansed you. You will very quickly find how easily you slip into treating yourself to an orgasm every time you need to use the male toilet. Do not be at all surprised to note, with this configuration, your trips to the bathroom doubling in frequency.

Tease and denial

You can tease your toilet slave in so many delicious ways. Shackling him down for safety reasons, by entirely restraining the male, he now cannot do what all nasty disgusting males do, while our backs are turned, which is touching himself, entirely denying him the opportunity to pleasure himself, after all, if he is by now providing you with several orgasms a day, as he likely is, then this is all the pleasure and excitement that a male needs.


During your menstrual cycle your male’s tongue is extremely adept at cleaning out that nasty filth, infinitely more refreshingly, than stuffing unsatisfactory cardboard tubes of cotton wool up yourself, requiring you to carry this muck and filth about with you for several hours, instead of having it removed and digested by your male. It’s safer too ! you cannot get toxic shock syndrome from your the tongue of your male toilet application.


Your male toilet slave is not your boyfriend. When you do bring a male home to service you, your male toilet slave can make a very professional job of cleaning out the horrible male slime that these animals like to shoot up you during your ravishing. At such times, your male toilet device, very nicely converts into your, drip feed, swine, slime bucket.


There are no restricting relationship strings with your male toilet device, other than filling him. This leaves you nice and free to pursue what you want to do. The only real responsibility you have, with a male toilet device, is keeping him alive, which is preferable at all times, having invested the time into training one, you will not want to go through all the time and trouble of training a new male device. Better to keep the one you already have.
No relationship issues – Not Ever !!

Orgasm when you are in the mood, only when you are in the mood and not when he is in the mood. All physical contact is entirely at your own need or whim and never his.

Easy termination

Bring your relationship with your male toilet slave to a simple and easy close by informing the male toilet that you are upgrading to a newer, more advanced, pristine, state of the art, system. Providing your old toilet with a new change of clothes, his first orthodox lunch in years and send him packing on his way.


It is a proven fact, trust Me on this, that with a full time, toilet male at your own disposal, the number of new Female friends you will accumulate will double in no time at all. The greatest obstacle to most vanilla, unawakened and misaligned Females, outside of the alternative lifestyle, to using a male’s mouth as a toilet device, is that in most cases they do not like to subjugate their husband’s or boyfriend’s mouth to this purpose. However, with a male that She can just simply hoist up Her panties, once suitably cleaned, check Herself in the mirror and walk away from the male with a close of the bathroom door, you would be amazed how many Females hop onboard their Natural throne with a minimum of fuss, once a few entirely cosmetic, social stigmas have been overcome.

As you can see from the above, the advantages of training and keeping a male toilet, are considerable and significant. The advantages I have brought to your attention here are merely the tip of the ice berg.
There are very few disadvantages of the male toilet application. Here are a couple.

Sharing with your other Lady Friend

If you wish you may occassionally bring couple of your dominant lady friends at your please and show them your trained toilet slave. And you may offer them a service or two by your traine toilet slave to make them jealous of your possession !

But Beware !!

With the sharing of your male toilet slave with other ladies, you now open yourself up to whatever diseases your lady friends might attract, while he is popping his wholly ineffective, from any Female’s perspective, little fast freddy flip flop worm into virtually every Female hole that is prepared to sit still long enough for your dog . You now place not only yourself but your up until now sanitized male toilet into the hands of very Real Risk. Better I say, to keep your male toilet slave for your own exclusive use. But each to their own.


In much the same way as keeping a dog, keeping the male toilet mouth will make it difficult for you to get away for those extended breaks that you like so much. If you keep your male toilet application permanently shackled, then he obviously is not going to die overnight in your absence, but stands a very good chance of dying shortly afterwards from thirst. Having a Girlfriend here, to come in periodically to water the plants and your male toilet slave may be one workaround solution here. Other options, might be, taking him with you, this is the option I personally prefer, I like My toilets to travel with Me. Once fully adjusted to your male toilet, to have him suddenly not waiting at your disposal, you will miss him terribly. Staying at any resort, irrespective of how expensive and luxurious it is, will result in you being faced with the daunting and most unpleasant challenge of using an ugly orthodox toilet again.

Lending your toilet male out to a Girlfriend is also another option.