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I am not here for you. You are here for me. I do not think of you as a slave. A slave is something useful. Calling you a slave implies that you have worth in yourself. I am not looking for a Mistress-slave relationship. This is Predator-prey.

You can tell me your desires, your fears, limitations, fantasies, but understand I am only gathering things I can use against you. I will listen sympathetically, I will learn about you, to find more ways to manipulate you.

Your suffering is my art form. Your pain is my music. Your desire is my power. My beauty is your tragedy.

I do not yell or curse or even raise my voice. My commands are given in a short, crisp voice, the voice of one who expects to be obeyed. My power is in my voice, personality, beauty.

But I am willing to hurt you. I enjoy your pain.

English is not my first language. Fortunately, my relationship with most submissive is simple, they are toilets to me. I give you orders. If you disobey I hurt you. “Open your mouth,” “Eat my shit,” or “Do you want me to cut your penis?”

I am bisexual, meaning I will have sex with men or women, but only humans, so you are excluded.

You can only debase yourself, but I can encourage you, give you guidance and enjoy the spectacle.

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I do privet sessions. Usually, do them in my town but sometimes I travel. For more information on privet!

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