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Welcome! ScatShop is the #1 Poop Clip Store on the planet. Our payout rates are almost twice that of our closest competitor! Immediate seller and buyer support, easy to use website, best payouts, ability to private message buyers and sellers, on-time-never-late payouts, no extra “fees”, your own store, you can even sell custom videos and offer custom requests for shippables like panties, poop, brownies, or whatever you are looking to sell!

So, ready to SELL on ScatShop.com?  Here’s what you need to do:

1.) Create your account and check the “Apply to become a Seller?” Box.

2.) Attach your photo ID images. Must be government issue photo ID!

3.) Wait for your account to be approved. Don’t worry. It’s always fast!

4.) Once approved, visit your Seller Dashboard, configure your store name, about me pages, profile, avatar, and start uploading clips!

5.) Profit!

Seller FAQ

Q.  How does ScatShop.com work?

A.  Pretty easy!  Buyers purchase your clips or custom video services. You receive a hefty commission (60%) for every item you sell. There are no affiliate fees. There are no withholding fees. Most payouts are free. Simple, isn’t it?

Q.  Is it hard to upload a video to the site?

A.  We’ve taken pretty much all of the pain involved in adding videos, and made it extremely simple.  All you need to do is upload the video using our web form, give it a name and a description, and set a price!  You can also set it as a featured video, set some sales dates and prices, and many more really easy to use options.  There’s no need for FTP, and there’s a 2GB (2048MB) filesize limit per video, 4 videos allowed per listing.  Once the video is added, our staff approves it to ensure it complies with the Terms & Conditions for our merchant providers, and then it is posted to the site.  There’s video tutorials on the Seller Dashboard to show you exactly how to do everything! 🙂

Q.  What’s the commission structure?

A.  THE BEST!  ScatShop pays for all the fees for credit card processing (11-14% plus per transaction fees), hosting and distributing the videos, hosting your images, account maintenance, customer service and support, marketing, plus more. We even buy ads on other sites for our top sellers (such as PooPeeLife.com  Your only responsibilities are to sell quality items! You also are never deducted for chargeback fees. The end result is ScatShop receives about 4-5% of each sale, where you receive 60%, the rest goes to the heavy overhead of running this type of site. If there’s ever a way to trim our costs down even further, and increase our payouts, we most certainly will! We are a model-owned-operated website and not run by corporate greed. The entire goal of ScatShop is for everyone to be able to safely sell and promote their clips.

Additionally, there are NO “VAT” or “tax” deductions like other sites charge. There is no other poop clip store on the Internet that has better payout rates and more traffic than ScatShop.

Our closest competitor only pays out less than 31% after all of their affiliate and tax deductions! We are #1 and nearly twice the payout rate!

Q.  How do I price items?

A.  Any way you see fit. If you charge too much, buyers wont buy as much. If you charge too little, your leaving money on the table. You can always change prices at any time by editing the item, and even mark some on sale from time to time, too. Play around with your pricing and see what works best for your store! Typically we’ve seen that the $9.99 to $14.99 range for a HD video around 5-10 minutes long is a very nice price point. More expensive clips will still sell, but not as often. Cheap clips that are $5.99 or so are best reserved for old low quality clips. Sometimes a new model is scared to price her content properly, and sells cheap. Don’t do it!

Q.  When and how do you pay out to the models?

A.  There are a number of payout methods. To change your info on your seller dashboard! There are ACH/Direct Deposits, Transferwise, Wire Transfers, and Global Payments Payoneer. Make sure to read the New Seller Setup Guide for more tips and details!

Q.  What are Custom Requests and Custom Videos?

A.  Excellent ways to make money, that’s what they are! Custom Videos is when a buyer decides he wants you to make a clip using the buyers own script. The prices varying per seller depending on what they are asked to do in the clip. You have the right to refuse a custom video order. After your Custom Video listing is published, and you sell one, you will receive a order receipt via email with the buyers script, and also a private message from ScatShop telling you also that the order is completed. When the video is done, send the buyer a private message, and attach the video to the private message.

Custom Requests are much of the same thing. Perhaps someone wants some poop brownies. Perhaps someone wants a pair of used underwear. Or maybe they just want to give you a tip for being so darned cute! Same as with Custom Videos, you will receive an email and a private message order confirmation to ensure you dont miss it. If the item requires shipping, you’ll also be sent the buyers mailing address to complete the order. Always ship with a tracking number, and as a courtesy to your buyer, send them a copy of the tracker that way they can watch and wait with excitement.

Q.  I just sold a video. Do I have to do anything, now?

A.  Nope! For pre-made video clips that you uploaded to the site, once someone buys it, we handle everything else to get the buyer the download. You just sit back and relax, and make more clips! If you sold a Custom Video or a Custom Request, you should review the order, and look out for private messages telling you that one of your custom listings has had a sale.

Q.  Tell me about Private Messages

A.  It’s pretty easy. You can communicate with the buyers on the site by sending/receiving private messages. There’s only one rule, and it’s a very important one. In order to comply with being able to accept certain types of payments, you are not allowed to exchange your email address, or ask buyers to complete payment for clips/services off of ScatShop.com. If you do, your account will incur a $200 commission deduction, and repeat offenses will result in your seller account being terminated permanently. The rules for us to accept certain payments are extremely strict and extremely unforgiving due to the type of site ScatShop is, so you are required to comply, and the penalties are harsh if you do not. No other poop clip store even lets you communicate with buyers at all. We’ve done our best to ensure you can, but you have to do it right! 🙂

Q.  How can I make the most money?

A.  This is so easy. So many models fail by not putting in any effort. They think that making low quality resolution clips that are short and old will make them lots of money. This never happens. The best way to make the most money is simple — Make clips in a high resolution (1920×1080 or better) using a good camera (any GoPro is fantastic, or even a Logitech C920 on Amazon for under $75). Upload at least 3 clips a week to maintain the most visibility. Upload as many clips as you possibly can. Change the scenery around. Dont always film in the same location in the same room. Be creative with the theme of your clips. The highest paid sellers here have the most clips and most of those clips are around 10 minutes long at 1920x1080p and up. Use animated GIFs for your clip listings (Tutorial here, and its automated and easy!). See? It’s simple. To make money, you need to make content! Every time you poop, your camera should be on. Otherwise your flushing money down the drain. 🙂

Q. What content is prohibited?

A.  No item will be approved if it contains any of the following words or themes:

• Bestiality with live animals.
• Mutilation, or anything that harms you or anyone involved in the films.
• Pedophilia (Age Play is allowed)
• Incest (Implied or actual)
• Necrophilia (Eeeeeeeeew! We dont like to see dead people, fake, or real.)
• Anything generally not towards the theme of this site
• Anything illegal or copyrighted by others
• Models are responsible for their own content

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