New Seller Setup Guide


If you have any questions, open a Help Ticket for a fast reply! The ticket system is new and will prioritize important requests over the “other” requests that we get flooded with, providing you with better support.

ScatShop.com Rules and Terms of Service for Sellers

The rules here are pretty simple.  Here they are in detail:

  1. Payouts: Payouts are on the 1st business day of the month. USA models are paid via ACH/DirectDeposit (Free, no minimum payout). International Models can receive a Wire Transfer ($45 fee, $500 minimum payout), a USA Transferwise Account, or a Payoneer US Collection Account deposit (Free, no minimum payout.) Details for setup below!
  2. Private Messages/Contacting Buyers: Payment processors prohibit sharing personal contact information for adult high risk merchants such as ScatShop. Therefore, exchanging names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, or asking buyers to pay you outside of ScatShop is expressly prohibited. The only time in which you will receive information regarding a customer is if you have a Custom Request filled and need to ship the buyer an item. When that happens, “Scatshop” will private message you the shipping address. Exchanging emails or websites disallowed, and may result in your account being terminated and loss of commissions. Our payment processor scans private messages in realtime for compliance, and reviews clips for encoded contact information. If enough infractions occur, the fines are incredibly steep and can result in ScatShop losing the ability to process credit cards. That’s why we are extremely strict about disallowing exchanging contact information.
  3. Prohibited Content: Anything that harms you or others is not allowed. Anything involving children is not allowed. This is a poop website. Poop, pee, period, enema, farts, etc…. Content other than that is not intended for this site, that’s more of a Clips4Sale style clip.
  4. Chargebacks: Your account will be debited the commission from any chargeback. If you earned $6 by selling a clip that turns out to be a fraudulent order or a chargeback, the $6 will be debited from your account. We are charged 14.9% to refund fraudulent orders plus 11.9% to charge credit cards, and you are not responsible for this fee, ScatShop pays it on your behalf. Your only deduction will be the commission from the actual sale.
  5. Custom Videos & Custom Request Cancellations/Refunds: There is a 25% fee for refunding custom videos and custom requests if you do not fulfill your end of the request. If you refuse the custom video / custom request within 24 hours of receiving your order notification, there is no fee to refund them. Credit card companies charge us 11.9% to charge a credit card, and 14.9% + $1.00 to refund a credit card. As a result, most of this fee will be charged to your account. Does this mean you HAVE to do custom videos and custom requests no matter what the buyer requests? NO! If you do not want to do it, reply to the private message notifying you of the order within 24 hours and there is no fee. Some models have chosen to accept custom video requests and orders for custom requests and then not fill them for various reasons. After 24 hours have passed, we can not cancel the credit cards authorization for a no-fee refund. If a customers order requires shipping, you must provide customer a tracking number, and are responsible until it shows “Delivered”.
  6. Authenticity: If your video is “fake”, as in you say you’ve pooped but the poop is fake, it will be removed from the site and NO commissions paid for those clips. All videos are required to be 100% authentic. Smearing chocolate and peanut butter on your body that you’ve planted in the wrong part of your panties in the beginning of the video does only two things — make you look bad and make ScatShop look bad. And you’ll end up getting suspended for it.
  7. Removing Clips from your store: When a customer buys a clip, they have access to the clip for as long as they have access to ScatShop. We do not force buyers to download immediately. As such, removing clips from your store is still possible, however, you simply must rename the clip “Delete” through your seller dashboard then submit a help ticket for moving it from a live clip to a hidden/unpurchaseable clip. If you “ninja delete” the file from your listing, your sales will also be ninja refunded to the buyers of that clip because you deleted their access to it, so you don’t get paid for giving your customers nothing. :slightly_smiling_face:

How You Get Paid

Payouts for the previous months sales are issued on the first bank business day of the month. Payouts are not automatically issued on the 1st of the month unless it happens to fall on a bank business day. All models are paid out at the exact same date.

USA Sellers

All USA resident models are required to use ACH DirectDeposit for their payouts. This means, an electronic bank transfer. Payouts are received 24-48 hours after they are sent, incredibly fast! $1 Minimum Payout, $0 Fees for sending the payment. To sign up for DirectDeposit, please open a help ticket with your username, bank account # and routing #.

International Sellers

  1. (BEST) Transferwise USD Borderless Account for ACH Direct Deposit –$1 Minimum payout, no fee! Click to sign up. Most International girls are able to sign up and receive a USD Borderless Account, but some countries are prohibited. Click here to see if you’re eligible! Once set up, Payouts will be received in 24-48 hours.
  2. Payoneer Global Payment Service – $1 Minimum Payout, $0 Fees for sending the payment – Click to sign up (keep link) – When the link asks you what business you are receiving money from, indicate “Illusions Online” for “Vendor Commissions” and if it asks you our website, put “illusionsglass.com”. If you enter ScatShop, your Global Payment Service account will not be approved. If you already have a Payoneer Account — YOU STILL MUST SIGN UP FOR THE GLOBAL PAYMENT SERVICE. When you do, you will receive an Account #, and a Routing #. Open a Help Ticket and send your Payoneer DirectDeposit account will be setup for your store. You will receive the payment within 24-48 hours of it being sent! Note: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Payoneer has been cracking down lately on models, refusing to pay the money we’ve sent, and taking months to return the funds to us to reissue to models.
  3. (EXPENSIVE) Wire Transfer – $500 Minimum Payout, $45 Fee for sending the payment. Must have your name, address, and all of the IBAN/SWIFT information to process this payout. Generally received within 1-2 business days.


If for some reason you need an early payout, you may NOT request one. Sure, we used to in the past. And what we found is the same ten models every month that can never manage their finances always need money. Sorry! You’ll get paid at the same time of the month as everyone else. No clip stores give advances, ScatShop does not either!

Store Closings

Should you ever wish to close your store, simply submit a ticket requesting so. Upon confirmation of your request, your clips and your store will be permanently removed from ScatShop. Once your store or a clip is removed, that store and clip(s) may never appear on the site again, as it will no longer be considered fresh new content. Any uncompleted custom orders will be deducted (with non-completion fees if you decide to screw your customer– as long as you aren’t banned, you can still fulfill uncompleted custom orders via Private Files sharing). If your store has no outstanding custom videos or custom requests, your payout will be immediate upon store closing, at the first of the following month, when payouts are normally processed.

Updating Payout Method

To change or update your payout information, please open a new Help Ticket and include the information needed to change.

The best video camera to buy is…….

If you’re filming in anything less than 1080p HD — It’s time to upgrade your camera! The worse selling clips are those not in HD. If your resolution isn’t at least 720p (1280×720) your clip will rarely (if ever) sell.

If your videos are in 1080p (1920×1080) they will sell at a rate of 14 to 1 versus 720p! If you are, filming even higher in 4K UltraHD (3840×2160) be sure to encode one version as 1920×1080. Most desktops aren’t even fast enough to play 4K UltraHD yet, so giving the 1080p option is a very wise choice. If your smartphone or digital camera can film in 4K, great, but if you want a real improvement in quality, get a GoPro camera instead :slightly_smiling_face:

The worse video camera you can use, is going to be one that’s a digital camera that also happens to have a “movie mode”. Even if in full HD, skip it! Spend the $129 on a GoPro. The quality improvement is immense, and your customers will appreciate it with many return purchases! And speaking of GoPros, really any model will be just fine as long as it can do 1080p. The prices vary widely by model!

How to properly edit and encode the perfect video

There’s two ways — The hard way and the easy way. :slightly_smiling_face: The hard way gives you a lot more options, but is very very technical. That’s using Adobe Premiere Pro. There’s really no reason to bother with it unless you want to do advanced special effects, so let’s do it the easy way in this tutorial.There’s a variety of free video editing software depending on what device you’re using. For Windows 10.0 use the included Story Remix for an easy start. Use Youtube to search for the right tutorial for you! For older versions of Windows, open Windows Movie Maker instead if it’s already been installed. If not, or if you’re using a different device, try downloading FREE video editing software and follow either their included tutorials or find a recent tutorial on Youtube. Here are some free suggestions for software that can handle up to 4K, although you may find the best software for you with a simple

Google search:
Shotcut for Windows, Mac and Linux
VSDC for Windows
Openshot for Windows, Mac and Linux
iMovie for Mac

Tips For Editing Your Videos

Add a caption! This is called watermarking your video, and when someone buys it, they will remember where they bought it from. A great way to do this is to add your Scatshop store URL as a watermark. A good sized font would be around 12. If it looks small to you, when it renders, it’ll be larger with a full screen non-shrinkled video. Experiment around and see what you like it to be!

For Bit Rate, choose 8000 Kbps or higher for 4K. This is the biggest factor in how large your video will be. 8000 Kbps is the ideal size for a high quality downloaded video and will keep your video download size to something reasonable, but with exceptional quality. Leave the frame rate and audio settings as default. Make sure the “Save as type” is “MPEG-4/H.264 Video File” (.MP4) and NOT Windows Media Video File or any other goofy shit. The MPEG-4/H264 setting is universal, works on all laptops, desktops, operating systems, smartphones iOS and Android. There is no better type to save as!

Max file size per file on Scatshop is 2GB. Need to make your file size smaller? You can downconvert it with Handbrake, also freeware (Windows) or Wondershare Uniconverter (Mac).

Of course, Movie Maker is just basic. Once you get comfortable with Movie Maker, you can try something cooler, like Adobe Premier. Premier has such a huge variety of options, and is used to make Hollywood movies, too! There’s free trials to try on Adobe.com.

Creating An Animated GIF Featured Image

Animated GIF screenshots increase individual clip sales by 260%!

Of course, one of the most annoying parts of marketing videos has to be making the gifs yourself. We’ve gone and taken care of that for you, by auto generating gif thumbnails from your videos each time we publish them live.

If you’d still like to generate your own animated gift screenshots to upload yourself, there are many FREE programs, websites and methods out there that you can use to craft the perfect clip gif! The possibilities here are really endless. Here are a few sites with tips on how to get started with the right method for you!

ScreenToGif for Windows
“How To Make a GIF From a Video”

If you have any questions, open a Help Ticket for a fast reply!

Tips for Sellers

How can I make the most money?

This is so easy. So many models fail by not putting in any effort. They think that making low quality resolution clips that are short and old will make them lots of money. This never happens. The best way to make the most money is simple — Make clips in a high resolution (1920×1080 or better) using a good camera (any GoPro is fantastic). Upload at least 3 clips a week to maintain the most visibility. Upload as many clips as you possibly can. Change the scenery around. Don’t always film in the same location in the same room. Be creative with the theme of your clips. The highest paid sellers here have the most clips and most of those clips are around 10 minutes long at 1920x1080p and up. See? It’s simple. To make money, you need to make content! Every time you poop, your camera should be on. Otherwise your flushing money down the drain.

Tell me about Private Messages

It’s pretty easy. You can communicate with the buyers on the site by sending/receiving private messages and to send them their custom videos orders! There are a few rules though! In order to comply with being able to accept certain types of payments, you are not allowed to exchange your email address, or ask buyers to complete payment for clips/services off of ScatShop.com. If you do, your account will incur a $250 commission deduction, and repeat offenses will result in your seller account being terminated permanently. You can read more about the rules on the Site Rules section. The payment processor rules for Scatshop to accept certain payments are extremely strict and extremely unforgiving due to the type of site ScatShop is, so you are required to comply, and the penalties are harsh if you do not. No other poop clip store even lets you communicate with buyers at all. We’ve done our best to ensure you can, but you have to do it right!