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Caribbean Mistress Mystique’s Baked Treats and Filthy Panties!

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I am doing a brownie baking video on Monday, 11-30-2015, I know you’ll love to have a piece. I will ship them the very same day they are baked for ultimate freshness!

I am baking two batches; one with just piss the other with shit in it:
– Salted Caramel Mystique
• Caramel
• Chocolate Brownies mix
• Mistress’ Champagne


– Gooey Caramel Mystique Delight
• Caramel
• Chocolate bits
• Chocolate Brownies mix
• Mistress’ Caviar

I also sell turd panties from videos and other trinkets.

Various flavors:
• Keeping them on for a few days while neglecting to wipe after peeing.
• Pooping without wiping or even those I wore in videos.
• Mine and My sister’s dirty panties.
• Raw fucking with My Black boyfriend; catches all his cum & My waste for you.

Feel free to send Me a message with your request.



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