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Click Here To Buy My Poop!

  • Tell me everything you want in this request. The more detailed, the better! Make sure we've discussed this in private messages first!
  • The price we agreed upon in the private messages...
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I send you a bag of poop custom made for you.

1/2 pound of poop is $ 200, out of the United States the cost (at your own risk is) is $240.

1 lb of poop is $275, outside of the United States the cost (at your own risk) is $315.


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I am Goddess Emma Love.  Welcome to my dark world. I try to submit at least 2 clips per week so please keep checking in.  If you have any special requests then please do not hesitate to contact me.

I finally got my own place with no more nosy room mates.  So I am now more flexible to deliver whatever your heart’s content.


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