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Custom Request for Jujupixie

  • Tell me everything you want in this request. The more detailed, the better! Make sure we've discussed this in private messages first!
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UPDATE: SEP 2016 – **New offerings! – Custom poop clips, Baked Goods, Turd Logs + more!

**Entire description rewritten! – I realize it is lengthy but it’s for good reason – save both you and I some time! I answered all of my most asked questions and provided a ton of additional info in all areas so if you have not been here since before Sep 2016 please read or at least skim before contacting me with questions/requests!

**Only to be used for custom requests we have discussed and agreed upon.

New Offerings:

Alright guys – good news! I’ve currently been on this site for 7 months and as many of you know at no time during my ‘tenure’ here have I offered *custom poop vids* or shippables containing turds (only poop stains thus far). Some things have changed and I am now able to offer these things in limited quantities.

*Custom poop vids* – $250 base price – could go up depending on request – so ya basic supply and demand principle here – I will only be able to commit to 2-3 custom poop vids/month due to my schedule and to say demand for this is high already would be an understatement. I will only accept payment for 1 at a time. Due to this I’m going to implement a wait list system. First come, first serve. Once I’m able to accept payment for another request I will contact the first name on the list, then the 2nd so on and so forth.
*Special note – You may notice changes in the base price as I sort out where the sweet spot is in terms of demand. I am usually pretty good at estimating these types of things but I may be off and will raise or lower it to fit the market. Not to worry, price at time you requested to be on wait list will always be honored OR if it’s now lower than when you jumped on wait list the lower price trumps.

What can you expect from my custom poop videos – excellent communication, delivered within time frame we discussed, great A/V quality, appropriate run time, I make ‘vids’ not ‘clips’ – you will never get some quick 3 min rush job from me, high level of experience with filming custom poop vids – I know what I am doing in ALL aspects from framing to pulling that perfect image of what you want right out of your head and matching it exactly, Explicit adherence to what you asked for with visible care and effort taken on my part to ‘poop’ myself out creating one of the best customs you’ve ever gotten!

I am not your girl if you are looking for any of the following in your poop custom – scat, heavy smearing, another person, public

Additional newly offered items

– Panties with fresh full turd/log in them – $100 – open to putting turd in other items e.g. leggings, pantyhose (may increase cost depending)
– Period related items – I don’t have a long period, narrow window – first come first serve
– Baked goods – pee, poop, spit, etc – don’t typically offer/do since time&effort vs going rate for item is usually not worth it for me but if price is right – I’m down 🙂

Still offering:

– Made to order worn panties – However you want them – thong, panty, boyshort – poop stained, period stained, cum stained/masturbated in, heavily worn etc. You get the picture .These start at $75 and may increase based on your request.

* Custom fart videos – starts at $50

* Pics to go along with your request – $2 per pic – hint* – I always end up taking/sending more pic that ordered

* Other custom vid content – Price depends on what you want specifically – This is usually just used as a ‘proof’ vid (e.g. me wiping my dirty ass with the panties I’m sending you so you know for sure it’s my poop you’re inhaling and licking when they arrive) OR ‘personalization touch’ vid (e.g. me saying your name and talking directly TO YOU as a nice personal touch while I show off my juicy ass in your panties). Yes a mix of both is fine too. For those 2 types $25 is usually what I ask and I aim for 5 min vid. If you are wanting something more specific, or longer etc we’ll have to play it by ear. Really depends on the request.

Shipping/Delivery Info – I ship within the U.S. only. All my prices INCLUDE shipping costs and I always provide a tracking number to you as soon as it’s been sent. I do not add any sort of shipping cost to the prices listed above or any prices I quote you via msg. *Unless you request something specific that substantially raises how much I end up paying at the post office like ‘requires signature’ for example.

* I always ship on time/when I told you I would and always have maximum freshness in mind – as in, I plan around being able to ship right when ready – I almost always choose 2 day shipping. I package discreetly. I do vacuum seal (yes, just recently got a new one) – I do find some items actually benefit/ripen from not be fully vacuum sealed – we’ll discuss your preference when applicable.

As for digital content delivery I typically use mediafire – prefer something else? Just let me know 🙂

**Things I am still NOT currently offering (per sep ’16 update)

– Full/Complete loads of poop/turds by themselves
– Bottles of pee
– Vomit

I am open to other items/ideas if what you’re looking to get was not covered here please just shoot me a message!

I will always respond to any question that I get that was not covered/answered in this description. If you don’t hear back from me you probably asked me something I have already answered here, asked something I have already answered to you specifically or were rude. Or I dunno maybe I got bit by a shark and am in the hospital haha – I joke – hehehe…. the shark was lured by by stinky scent!

If you see this you have most likely read all the info and you get a big stinky fart in the face from me as a thanks! I do get inundated with questions that I have already answered succinctly here so it does get quite frustrating – especially considering this custom request space is BY FAR the most viewed item in my shop. I do not respond to those questions anymore. I won’t waste your time and expect the same treatment in return. That includes asking me about why I do not offer a certain item. 99% of the time I have shared my reasons – instead of respect my choice the other party attempts to negate my rationale. I do not owe explanations for what I chose to sell or not sell, the same way you do not owe me an explanation if you decide not to purchase something. I apologize if you feel any of that was harsh/brash – just a little bit of assertive communication 🙂

Have a stinky day! *Kiss**Fart*
Love J



3 reviews for Custom Request for Jujupixie

  1. Profile photo of spartan.warlord
    5 out of 5


    I ordered panties and a custom video. Both were excellent! The video was what I asked for in the script and more and the panties were shipped pretty fast. She was easy to work with and fixed any issue that popped up. I’ll be back for more.

  2. Profile photo of milespk
    5 out of 5


    All I can say is WOW. This is an amazing model and very prompt with replies. I am very pleased with my purchase and highly recommend others buying her vids. She is super quick to reply and very friendly. Top notch seller

  3. Profile photo of milespk
    5 out of 5


    J is an awesome seller. You guys need to quit being cheap and buy her videos or a custom. I ordered a custom and panties and both were 1000% excellent, she made the video fun and I really enjoyed all aspects of it. I highly recommend buying from J, she is top notch and smoking hot.

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