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Sold By: : JanaBella


Because sharing is caring! πŸ₯°πŸ’©

Here are the tasty things you can get delivered right to your doorstep:
+my chocolate – 70USD per load
+my chocolate smoothie (diarrhea): 80USD
+pussy juice #1 (pee): 30USD per cup
+pussy juice #2 (squirt): 40USD per cup
+vomit: 100USD for how much I puke up in one go (optional: I eat what you want before: 30USD extra)
+shit-stained panties/lollipop/sth else I put in my dirty ass: 60USD for panties, 30USD for lolly
+panties/sth else I pooped in: 100USD (not just stained, I shit in them; can also send the poop that slips out on the side)

+video (3-5) of me preparing your item(s) for you with love and care:
-40USD or
-FREE for orders over 250USD

Prices don’t include shipping.
I will be shipping from Germany,  and your goodies will be insured, tracked, and shipped with an express/priority shipping method (worldwide 3-7days)

!!!! IMPORTANT !!!! I will NOT be accepting:
1. International orders under 150$ ( unless you also ordered a custom vid/private session on Zoom with me)
2. EU orders under 80$ (unless… see above)

All items will be air-tight sealed.

If you prove yourself to be a fervent admirer of Jana Bella’s Chocolate Factory (i.e. you’ve spent over 500USD on my custom request and/or custom video listings), I will reward you with a 25% discount on a custom video/private show on Zoom OR a free set of 20 custom pictures (offer valid for one year since your order).

Do you think my listing is missing something? Write me a message and I’ll see what I  can do for you!

CEO of Jana Bella’s Chocolate Factory



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Jana Bella The Shit Seller (it rhymes if you pronounce”Bella” and ”seller” like me)

I specialise in scat (object insertions-fruit&veggies. bottle, toilet brush, tooth brush, q-tips … really what HAVEN’T I put up my butt?), dirty fisting/fingering, enema (I like a nice explosion!), ATM, farting, smearing, fucking my dirty ass with dildos … I create art. Most vids have English audio, a few German.