Layla’s Love Poop, Pee, Panties and more!

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Sold By: : Layla


Want to smell and taste my filth for yourself? Want to cover yourself in my smelly creamy shit? Wash down a mouthful with my refreshing piss? Or maybe you want to suck on my cum soaked panties while you watch me take a shit…
All items double vacuum sealed and packaged discreetly…always our little secret 😉

LAYLA’S SHIT~ 1 Load $100, 2 Loads $150

LAYLA’S PISS~ $35 ($25 with order of shit**)

LAYLA’S PANTIES ~ Worn one day $40
+$10 per additional day
~Cover in my creamy cum +$20
~Skid Marks +$15
~Light Piss +10

~LAYLA’S PUSSY & POOP POPS with Video $25
***sweet lollipops covered in Layla’s pussy juice and shit with a short video of all the naughty things I do with your lollipop before packaging 😉



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~Your favorite perverted (good) girl next door with a sweet southern accent and naughty obsession with  filth and shit~

***Ask me about custom videos, live sessions, shippable treats and sweets!