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Mandy Flores Bakery

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I get so many requests for certain items that I decided it was time to have a listing you all could reference.
There is no need to tell me that I am expensive, I already know that. There are girls who sell for 10 times as much as me, and girls who sell for 10 times less, that is their prerogative, I sell these items at a price I am happy to do it for, that is the bottom line. For those of you who have ordered directly from me before you may feel that my prices are nearly double what they have been in the past. This is because the payment processing is taking nearly half of all proceeds now. We are very fortunate to have a site like Scatshop to be able to have this interaction and transaction so for this site to survive and prosper I think it is reasonable to contribute this way.
Now…. for the cold hard facts…..

Just A fresh Dump (including shipping) ——–$250

Custom video of a dump (Approx: 5 minutes) ———$450

A fresh dump( including shipping) with video of the blessed event ———$600

Poopy Panties ———$200
(Panties worn 3 day and follwed with shit stains, including shipping)

Tampon ———-$150

period videos (varies on request) ———–$500 to $1000

Monthly bathroom trash ———-$500

**Shipping for US and first class International is included – any expedited shipping is extra**



Yup, this is me! Glad to be here at to share my naughty side with all of you! 


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