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Message/Talk to CurvyNicole

  • Tell me everything you want in this request. The more detailed, the better! Make sure we've discussed this in private messages first!
  • The price we agreed upon in the private messages...
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Do you want to chat with me offline?
Tell me about your day or ask about mine..
Get informed about what I eat, and my bathroom adventures…
Want a chance see my poops/nasty pics as I take them…
…or maybe you want the (GFE) Girlfriend Experience with me!

Lets do it all through messenger apps like Kik, Skype, and now Whatsapp!

For Kik
$60/No time limit
*Comes with pics, and text chatting.

$65/No time limit
*Comes with texts, pics, and voice chats/messages.

Make sure you tell me what app you prefer to use and the time limit.

Please speak or type fluent English.
No refunds, I have the right to delete/block you if you make me uncomfortable or become rude. A ton of people try to talk to me daily but you guys will have more attention. I will send pics as I take them.


I always try to make my content as long as possible with the best angles I can get. I also take suggestions/tips from fans on future content and items. I love what I do and hope you do as well!


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