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Sold By: : Marinayam19


Message me first to confirm availability!

Please read the whole description before messaging.

All mailable are to be sent within Contiguous United States, Hawaii and Alaska only with the exception of regular wear panties and the panties with light skid mark,period panties, socks, spit and regular wear panties, and TP.
If the item has to go through an custom, I cannot ship.

For the items shipped outside the U.S, Add $35 for shipping and the transit time is unknown as they often hold the items at the custom.

I cannot guarantee the texture and the amount of the poop. You can check out many of my videos listed here for rough reference.

The complete diarrhea is achievable by laxative. ( extra $50 charge) Getting constipated is not.
I will NOT hold the poop to get the biggest load.

All prices include shipping

All items will be vacuum sealed ( other than vial) unless requested otherwise .

Pay $20 extra to include a few minute video footage of the item in the making per item. Your video will be sent digitally before you get your physical item. This video footage cannot be customized, if you would like to customize it, you have to order the custom video in the following link

Custom video request for Asian Baked Goods

If you want faster shipping than listed below, or (1-2 day shipping is the fastest) if you have Any other request not listed here, Message me!

* * Full shit – single load $150 , Double load $250 ( shipped together) , Triple load $325 ( Shipped together)
Full shit in a plastic container, then vacuum sealed twice , will be triple bagged
Food request – starts at $50 extra
1-2 business day transit time

Chocolate chip cookies sandwich with Shit in the middle x5
1-2 business day transit time

Regular wear panties – $30 one day wear
3-7 business day transit time

Shit wiped panties $35 – I shit and wipe with panties
3-7 business day transit time

Pee wiped panties – $35
3-5 business day transit time

Period panties – worn during period with no other menstrual products for a day – $40
3-5 business day transit time

Period vial 5ml – $80
3-5 business day transit time

TP – wiped after shit $45
3-7 business day transit time

Spit vial 5ml $50
3-5 business day transit time

Vomit – $150
Food request – starts at $50 extra
1-2 business day transit time

Squirt vial 100ml
3-5 business day transit time

Pee vial 20ml – $50
Pee vial 200ml -$100
3-5 business day transit time

Socks of my choice ( Can be mismatched) $25
1 day wear
3-7 business day transit time


7 reviews for Physical item custom Request from Asian Baked Goods

  1. joshscatlover (verified owner)

    I purchased one of her turds and it was great. Lots of different colors. Mine came with corn, beans, and carrots. So worth it.

  2. likkalikkahole (verified owner)

    Just received a pair of panties, and they were prepared just the way i wanted. And they smell wonderful and are absolutely delicious!

  3. Love the taste of Asian shit (verified owner)

    Marina’s shit is very tasty and chock full of surprises! I recommend pairing with her morning piss to help wash it down and possibly watching her clip “POV verbal degrading for my toilet slave” to put you in the mood.

  4. Love the taste of Asian shit (verified owner)

    Third time buying from Marina, leaving another review because she is so damn GOOD! Do you like BIG, FAT loads of delicious, pungent shit from the sexiest Asian asshole you’ve ever viewed? Marina’s got you covered! Do you like a nice, soft shit, perfect for smearing or eating? Marina’s got you covered (if she’s eaten spicy food)! Do you want to worship a superior Goddess, in service as her toilet, eating the meals she’s enjoyed after they exit her perfect body? Marina has you covered!

    Her piss is great, too! Her feet smell incredible! Whatever your fetish, Marina’s body has some means to satisfy it!

  5. Ferret1972 (verified owner)

    Marina is awesome. She did a fantastic job with my order and she really took care of me. Video to accompany it was amazing. Will definitely be placing future orders.

  6. Ferret1972 (verified owner)

    Another perfect order. She is amazing

  7. Mmmmmike (verified owner)

    I ordered a three-load poo (a while ago, been in my fetish freezer just waiting for me) with her consuming blueberry and banana smoothies on video and, I gotta say, it was totally worth it. Amazingly fragrant, smooth, and creamy. I savored this order, and you should too!

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