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Poo Poo Platter! $85

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Yum! A box filled with my delicious Poo Poo Platter delivered straight to your door! Comes with 1 Poo Brownie, 1 Banana Butt Muffin, 2 Poo-Nut Butter Cups, 1 Chocolate Shit Cookie Sandwich, and 2 Twinkies at a 15% discount 🙂 You’re going to be so full of my delicious, chocolatey treats and just bursting at the seams with my shit! All vacuum sealed and shipped discreetly! ADD $20 to get all 5 videos on how I make my goodies! OR, add $5 for an individual video if you already have one. Video titles are listed below!

PRO TIP: Put the package in the fridge/freezer for a little while, so the goodies firm up after being out in the hot summer sun 🙂 *Note, vacuum sealing the treats will compress the treats a little*

ADD $5 for US Priority (takes 2-3 days, total does *not* include regular shipping) or $15 for International shipping (6-10 days)

Video Titles ($5 each or all 5 for $20!)
WANT THE VIDEOS FOR FREE? Buy my Poo Poo Platter off my website, 🙂

“Baking Banana Butt Muffins”
“Eat My Shit-Filled Twinkies”
“Feeding You My Chocolate Shit Cookies”
“I Bake Poop Brownies and EAT One!”
“Making Poo-Nut Butter Cups and EATING Some!”


Nothing makes me cum like scat porn… I love this shit!

1 review for Poo Poo Platter! $85

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    5 out of 5


    The items are awesome. I just opened the package and I’ve already ate 3 things. I’m going to take the cookie apart so I can smear the shit on my cock. Good job girl. You are awesome

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