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Show your devotion!
YOU MUST send private message before placing an order to discuss the particulars!

**Shipping&handling not included in cost–order must be finalized with Sophia before giving total**

**Goodies come vacuum-sealed and in discreet packaging**


🌟 STWINKIES! Twinkies w/ Sophia’s delicious special filling: 1/$40, 2/$75, 5/$150. 🌟

💩 Raw Poop: $130 per Load 💩

-Worn Panties: $55 (Add +$15 per day worn) per Pair

🎁🏷-Dirty Panties (cum, skid marks): $75 per Pair + shipping 🏷🎁

-Period Panties: $75 per Pair

-Pooped Panties: $150 (panties will be full/sheer coverage lace back) per Pair

-Shitty Toilet Paper: $35

-Video with load: $50
-Custom Video: message for rates!

Please keep in mind several things:
-Patience, Payment, and Politeness get you to the top of the list.
-Consuming feces can come with risks–seller assumes no responsibility for any potential adverse reactions.
-Seller will not change her diet based on customer preferences.
-If buyer wants an extra-large load, he can buy TWO loads to guarantee desired size. YUM!


23 reviews for Sophia’s Shippables!

  1. LIQMabaws (verified owner)

    She is amazing..kind Cordial and you will get a prompt reply from her which I really appreciate.I just wish I got a little bit more in my video for what I paid but other than that I’m proud to be her new fan..My package was awesome..and the packaging is top notch👍…my new favorite🤎…such a sexy body, a delicious naughty and kinky pawg she is😈..watching her 💩 makes me bust sooo hard;)

  2. soandsoo (verified owner)

    5 /5 Sophia took my order on a short notice ,was punctual with it and did everything to my liking.I received the goodies a day after mailing and well packaged to top it off

  3. TrueMood (verified owner)

    5 star poop, it was delicious… the custom video of her pooping my meal out was flawless… Fast delivery with great communication.. Will be ordering again.. 💩💙😋

  4. DQ (verified owner)

    Honestly, everything you could ask for. Just reach out and kindly ask her about exactly what you’d like, she’s quite accommodating and pretty cool on top of it. She won’t disappoint.

  5. Dirty Booty Lover (verified owner)

    She did an excellent job making my fantasies come to life in a video I requested. Not only did she wear exactly what I wanted in my custom request, but she added great dialog to it. Also, it’s a plus she has a really nice plump ass 😉 I will be making another request to her in the future!

  6. Robert (verified owner)

    OMG!! Ordered a FULLY PACKED panty stuffed to overflowing with your Luscious SHIT!!! Will be munching own ALL of it soon!!!!! Sexy Gorgeous babe!!! HOT ASS and HUGE LOADS Guys!!! For us Hungry Toilets & Piggies!!

  7. thasn0man (verified owner)

    She’s amazing, don’t hesitate to purchase from this woman. Funny and sexy as hell. Also open minded and friendly.

  8. Zombro (verified owner)

    For those looking for an “out of this world experience”, this is your number one choice!!
    I cannot express enough the absolute perfection on communication, discretion of delivery and overall quality of product. Believe me, she is the ENTIRE package!
    I know this sounds like an advertisement and in a selfish way I hope you think that so her orders are more readily available for me! lol….but seriously, she is a deserving rising star and I am so looking forward to the next order!
    Thank you Sophia!

  9. Jl171992 (verified owner)

    Received my item in the post. The postal service was second to none and I couldn’t be happier with the service. The panties were excellent and just the way I wanted them. Sophia doesn’t disappoint. Thank you again 🤙🏻

  10. bostonian (verified owner)

    Got exactly what I ordered. Very professional. Fast turnaround and delivery.

  11. Delor1980 (verified owner)

    Super friendly to work with. Order arrived on time and was fast. Definitely will be placing future orders with her. I enjoyed the treats.

  12. Zombro (verified owner)

    (spoiler alert!) You WILL be back! She’s like that hidden fishing spot you discovered that you wish you had never told your friends about! lol FANTASTIC purchase! Thank you!!!✔✔✔✔

  13. jefe47 (verified owner)

    I have just received my first order. It was sent quicker that I could have imagined and the packaging was better than I could have done, certainly better than expected. The shipping arrangements were just as I wanted. The video I got with my order was an added treat, but I do enjoy watching things be made. I agree with the above raters, she will not disappoint. I’m already looking forward to placing another order.

  14. nonumbers (verified owner)

    Sophia is amazing. She responds to messages the same day and she is very friendly and makes sure you get exactly what you want. Not to mention a beautiful ass! You will not be disappointed.

  15. Delor1980 (verified owner)

    Sophia is awesome! Super nice to deal with and very responsive. Video for my order was incredible and I can’t wait for my package to arrive.

  16. Zero-mainz (verified owner)

    If you have ever thought about buying a load from a model, Sophia is absolutely the one to go for. Super nice, great communication, fast delivery and everything you would want from a model.

    Her load was perfectly wrapped and discrete. The smell was intense and the load itself was a great size. Trust me when Is ay that you will NOT regret buying from her, and you WILL be back.

    Don’t miss this opportunity!

  17. DrNothing (verified owner)

    Reading these gushing reviews, I wouldn’t blame ANYONE for scratching their chins and saying “A lot of this has to be hype… NO one is that top notch”.

    Well, guess what… YOU COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG!

    No crap, friends… QUICK-as-a-wet-load response, quicker delivery, the kind of communication you’d expect from a first rate HR department, HUGE load, literally tastes like high sugar intake was afoot, professional and discreet packaging, very reasonable prices, PERFECT ass (large, but not crazy, no stretch marks or cellulite lumps), gorgeous image quality, SEXY as hell voice, friendly on screen personality with authentic commentary and spontaneous observations about the load… etc.

    No, this one’s a keeper! She’s the fifth model I’ve worked with at this site and, though I’ve found all fairly complaint-free, Sophia shines above the others, EASILY making herself a no-brainer go-to for The. Best. Scat Customs you’d ever hope to find.

    Try her once and you’ll revisit many, many times without a second thought.

    …go ahead…

    You KNOW you WANT to!

  18. Johnnyboy420 (verified owner)

    2nd time buyer here. Let me say first and foremost that Sophia is THE BEST scat model out there! Take my word for it she is prompt with reply’s and doesn’t waste time when talking business. I just today got my raw load from the beautiful Sophia and as always the video and the load were AMAZING more then I could ask for and we’ll worth the price! Highly recommend for your next for choice for goodies! This goddess means business and there’s no messing around for her BUY NOW!

  19. maturepony (verified owner)

    This was the first time I ever bought someone’s product, and I must say, she was quite nice and accommodating in walking me what to do. When my stwinkies came, they smelled quite strong, but tasted very, very good. I will almost certainly be buying more c:

  20. Spacedust99 (verified owner)

    Honestly, its the little things that make Sophia wonderful. Polite, prompt, and clear communicator! Theres a personal touch to how she operates that really humanizes this fun fantasy. Her package arrived expertly packed with considerations for freshness and sanitation.

    10/10 Sophia is fantastic.

  21. imaturdeater (verified owner)

    Wonderful! Package arrived next day. Ordered 6 twinkies.great idea, could have been a bit more shit in them but they were good. I ate three of them pretty quick. Then for the last three I removed the shit balls from the twinkies , mixed them together then put them in my mouth and let them slowly dissolve, savoring the taste of Sophia’s shit, eventually swallowing them. So good. Ready now for a raw shit shipment from this lovely gal. Will order soon.

  22. qjonny (verified owner)

    This was my very first experience with Sophia and unlike so many others, she didn’t rip me off. I took some time off from work and was really craving some fresh poo before Christmas and Sophia as busy as she was, made it happen and she made me so happy! :-). In addition to this, I find her to be very polite and fun to talk unlike some others I experienced on this site. And finally, the packaging job was perfect. Vacuum sealed with icepack prevented any smell from getting out. She’s so professional. Thank you Sophia!!!

  23. SpectreSombre (verified owner)

    I ordered from Sophia (my first order on the site) and she sent the package with a follow-up and a video in two days. She was very nice in her messages.
    The package was very well packed, vacuum packed, with several layers of plastic and all packed in air pockets in a box (no risk of smell and know what is inside.). The delivery was fast, in short I strongly recommend Sophia.

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