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Custom videos from $50!

  • The price we agreed upon in the private messages, or see below for regular pricing....
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***Message me before paying!***

Want a video completely customised and personalised to your requirements? Order a custom video!

How to order:
Easy, just message me with your request and i’ll get back to you ASAP.

Delivery time:
My custom videos are made as soon as I can make them (I am not a regular pooper so I don’t poop every day and there may be other custom videos I need to make before yours). I could send a video the same day you order it or I could send it a week later, it really depends. I’ll give you a rough estimate when you order.

$10 per minute if you don’t want your name included and I can re-sell it*
$15 per minute if you do want your name included and I can re-sell it*
$25 per minute if you want it to be for your eyes only, regardless of name use.

*I decide if your video is re-sellable based on how specific it is to your requirements and how well videos like it sell for me.

I have a 5 minute minimum, if you want a video shorter than 5 minutes I can make it but it will cost the same as a 5 minute video.

Extras (add any extras to the per-minute rate above):

Public Videos:
Public bathroom: +$40.
Public park/woods: +$100 (because of the risk of getting caught and the hassle of taking my equipment there, setting up, doing the deed then coming all the way back home).

Smearing videos:
Ass smearing with no hands (i.e. sitting in my poop or in poopy panties): +$150.
Smearing on anything but my body (e.g. clothes, shoes etc) using my hands: +$300.
Smearing on my body (anywhere neck down except my pussy): +$500.

Clothes, props, food etc:
Anything I have to buy specifically to use in your video will be paid for by you. This includes food for dine and dump clips, any props, any clothes/shoes that I don’t already own etc.

Clothes destruction:
If you want me to destroy an item of clothing or a pair of shoes that I own by covering it in poop, this will cost more. For example, if you want me to destroy a shirt that cost me $30, I will charge $30 extra. Obviously if you buy me the shirt specifically for the video (see above), I will not charge any extra for destroying it because I didn’t pay for it.


Hey, i’m Kaidence, 19 year old English camgirl, video maker and sexy pooper.

Follow my toilet blog for updates.


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