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Pinkie Stinkie’s Custom Scat Videos

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I absolutely love making custom videos. Rate is $100 for up to 10mins.

Skype ID = $50

Videos I will be producing includes: Scat….(in or on certain objects), Farting, Queefing, Belching, Nose Picking, Spitting, Smell Fetish, Vomiting, Period, Urine, Sneezing, Diapers, Tampons, Maxi Pads, Diva Cup, Verbal Humiliation, Female Domination, Toilet Slavery, Femdom.

My style is sexy shit…with a twist. I used a lot of verbal humiliation & slavery. I’m quite vocal & open minded. Ready to worship a hot babe’s shit & other body functions? Send me a message with your script!



Poop, Desperation (accidents), Diapers(ABDL), Efro(Sexy Poop), Enema, Farting, Panty Shitting, Nylon Shitting, Bikini Shitting, Constipation, Diarrhea, Grunting, Toilet Slavery/Humiliation(training you to eat & smell my shit), Accidental Smearing(not forced).

Check out my store! Custom Videos $100/10mins  & Shit Shipping Available!


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