5 Urgent Poops

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5 poops, all the same angle: sqatting over the toilet with my ass facing you. Lots of urgency and relieving sounds. After each poop I show my dirty asshole up close. Enjoy!


Length:  5:35s 
Resolution: 1919x1080
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1 review for 5 Urgent Poops

  1. BigBootyBankTeller (verified owner)

    There was a customer that came in my work place maybe 3 days ago that look just like you..Big Booty & all..
    … What I would be willing to do to taste some of that shit.

    Me & my hubbie would faint if we get to see you in high heels 1st walking in a professional or club tight skirt
    pooping doggystyle in a puppy bowl pretending to sniff it constantly crawling around over and over wagging
    and smearing that sexy ass

    Your prices are awesome we cant wait to leave a review on scenes titled “Girlfriend Makes and feeds you breakfast”
    & “Shitty Asshole Fingering and Smelling”

    You are one sexy bitch. … Tits and Ass ..You have everything luv

    I put your store in my favorites.. We hope to see MOre!!!

    xoxoxoxo kisses

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welcome filthy friends!

Vegan shitter here: I typically go twice a day and have soft poops due to my high fiber diet!

I am NOT from or anywhere near Brooklyn NY. It is just a name :)