A Very Desperate Layla Lee




So desperate to unload this massive shit, Layla barely makes it to the toilet before letting it GO!!!

There’s even a little poop already stuck to her ass from when it was desperately trying to escape her body- she squeezed so hard but a little still go out!!!💩💩💩😵😵😵

Catch it all up close, as if you were there and Layla’s own personal toilet, down on your knees with your filthy mouth wide open! Such a perverted piggy you are….😈🐽🙈 I bet you’d lick all that piss dripping down my inner thighs too, just like a thirsty pig so eager to please 🤤

See if you can taste any of yesterday’s meal, don’t forget to check out the full menu ⬇️

~ Oatmeal and apples🍎 for breakfast with OJ & a FULL glass of H20, coffee to follow ☕️
~Protein shake (w/oat milk, coconut yogurt, half banana) 🍌
~Half Turkey sandwich and half salad for lunch 🥗peanut butter crackers and cheese for a snacky snack 🧀
~Veggie chili cheese dogs for dinner with pickle chips🌭

Enjoy piggies 😘