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Attempt at breaking my pee holding record.


In this video, I break my pee holding record. I start off already needing to pee and I finish up a bottle of soda. An hour later, I drink a glass of water. I tell you how I feel a little bit of pressure. A half an hour goes by and I drink another cup of water. At this point, I could use a trip to the loo, but I press on. I can’t stop grabbing my crotch. But I decide to get up, take off all my clothes and do some exercises that will really make it hard for me to hold it. I do some jumping jacks and hopping on one foot. I can feel the urine in my bladder splashing around and it hurts. I want to crouch over to prevent it from aching. After that, I drink another half glass of water and tell you about my own personal pissing fetish as I continue to struggle. Talking about it makes me horny and also makes me want to pee more. A little bit goes by and my bladder continues to fill. I decide to pull out my vibrator to distract myself from the cramping. Turns out that masturbating makes me want to pee even more than before and every time I feel like i’m about to orgasm, I have to struggle to keep myself from bursting. I spread my lips and give you a closeup of my urethra as I desperately try not to burst and pee on my camera. I then give you a side view of the bulge that has formed due to the fact that my bladder is so full. It is rock hard. As time moves on, it becomes almost impossible to stand. I cross my legs and bite my lip as I struggle. I start to sweat a little too. I put the camera down next to my vagina and rock back and forth. The desperation is real. I try with every fiber of my being to hold back the contents of my very full bladder. Suddenly, I start to spurt a little. I moan and try to hold it, but I continue to leak. I grab the measuring cup I have sitting next to me. It takes a minute for me to start to pee, but when I do, I burst. The stream is strong at first and it hisses as it comes out of my urethra. The relief is so orgasmic that I cum. You can see the string of cum drip from my pussy into the cup with all my pee. I have a very weak bladder and was surprised that I almost filled it. I peed about a pint (2 cups). My bladder was cramping for the rest of the night. The desperation was so intense. Video is just shy of half an hour


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Pee queen


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