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Big shitty accident after a day at the beach!


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I just got home from spending some time at the beach and I’ve worked up an appetite! I go straight for the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. While making myself something to eat a get a little gassy and my stomach starts to turn. After I let out a big burp, it hits me! I try to ignore it and maybe it will go away… It does not! It goes right into my bathing suit! I feel a little embarrassed and ashamed. I can’t help but take a big whiff off the disaster that I just created. The smell is intriguing… I go to clean it up but I have to admit the smell left me wanting more!


Length:  8:56s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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I take pride with shooting in full HD; and sharing my GENUINE interest in this fetish!
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4 reviews for Big shitty accident after a day at the beach!

  1. Profile photo of foxbox213
    4 out of 5


    I love how that big ol jungle booty is getting bigger by the day.. and i love how in this scene you continued to show your whole body and ass so we can really see how nice of a shape you have…

    That ass is getting bigger like a black womans ass I love it…But now a days it seems like white women are in neck and neck competition with black women for having the best asses…. the bangbros assparade site would definetly take you in with a rump shaker like that!!!

    Love the spreading of your ass in the video too..

    Theres more that could be done in this video that would have made it 5 stars…So please make more like it..Maybe the next one in jean daisy dukes & in a cut off t shirt that shows your belly. & red high heels..and get that big ass dirtier by diggen for more treats
    luv you ashley

  2. Profile photo of stan11
    5 out of 5


    Ashley is the hottest scat woman. She is so pretty and each video her ass looks juicer and juicer and she has pretty feet,another one of my perv fetishes. I love this video so much. I have seen many scat videos , I need more then just a woman taking a poop. In this video Ashley, is acting out one of my favorite fantasy. Seeing a pretty woman with a big, juicy , pretty butt, having an accident and pooping herself. Then seeing her embarrassed by it. Ashley I wish I could help wipe your big bottom,the next time you have an accident. 😉

  3. Profile photo of wolfshed66
    4 out of 5


    I loved this clip a lot, but I’m not sure I like the whole “fishbowl” lens on the camera. It’s a little distracting for me.
    I’ve been a HUGE bikini and panty fan my whole life and love those full bouncy butts that are inside them. This chick is beautiful, sexy, and has the perfect butt in my opinion. I would absolutely love to see a clip of her walking down a trail in the woods in a pair of white bikini panties, the camera right behind her so we can watch the movement of her great ass. Then have her either drop a load in her panties or right there on the trail. I don’t care which, I just wanna see that ass bounce as she’s walking!! lol

  4. Profile photo of Ryan
    5 out of 5



    I liked it because you totally get to check out her ass, it jiggles a lot in this video. The bathing suit is hot on her too. Her toes are painted a nice hot pink and makes me even hornier to see her shit herself. I am glad I have it forever now and can jerk to it once and awhile.

    Thanks Ashley

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