DESPERATE Sludgy Panty Poop, Hump + Exam



No words needed or muttered—just groans—as we start out in this video! 🔥 With a huge degree of desperation, Sophia unloads a huge sludgy, stinky load into her red mesh panties. It overflows onto the floor as the never-ending stream continues! Feeling super turned on, Sophia lets her bottom hit the floor while messily humping her pile and sits in the filth before showing off the damage done to her bare ass and hole. This 5+ minute-long video is shot in 4K with close-up POV so every intricacy can be seen. 💩👸🏼


Length:  5:14s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 570 MB


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As kinky as she is smokin’ hot, the incomparable Sophia Sprinkle is here to fulfill your desires.