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Desperate ziplock bag pee


Yet another desperate pee. The toilet is currently being fixed and I had to go. I’m crossing my legs and can’t stay still. I try not to moan too loudly over fear of my roommate hearing, but its hard not to. So I cover my mouth, I’m so desperate, but I can’t pee on the carpet. I look around and see a ziplock bag. I am so desperate that I have no choice but to take off my panties and relieve myself into it. I fill the bag up with dark yellow piss. I try my best not to drip it on the carpet. There is so much pee in this ziplock bag. I hope it doesn’t spill. I have to be super careful to make sure it doesn’t. When you’re that desperate, you have to go to desperate measures.


Length:  7:06s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Pee queen


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