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Desperation, leaking, and peeing in a nude body stocking


I had quite a lot of coffee the day I made this clip and the desperation was pretty intense. I find it difficult to stand up without either doing the pee dance or crouching so that my rock hard bladder doesn’t ache. No, not ache. Burn. Yes, my bladder was burning. I whimper as I continue to hold, but it’s getting difficult. It only takes one small movement to make me lose control and start leaking. I continue to try and hold on, but its no use. I keep leaking pee everywhere. The slight drainage of my bladder feels so good and I become wet. Every time I leak, pussy juice flows with it. There are a few fast hissy bursts of pee. Before long, my floor is absolutely soaked with smelly pee and I decide to finish peeing in the toilet with my body stocking still on.


Length:  13:16s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 430 MB

Pee queen


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