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Diaper Duty


The note:

Dear Alexa,
You have power, beauty, and wealth… But what would you do for a little more? I’ve got $2000 for you if you’re willing to play my little game. Wear one of the diapers I sent you until 5:00, without using the toilet and without having an accident, and the money is yours. You can start the bet by putting one of the diapers on. You don’t have to wager anything in return… seeing your pretty blush when you mess your diapers will be reward enough.

You put the diaper on (noting the thickness and commenting on how it reminds you of a real baby diaper.) You’re a little embarrassed, but pleased with yourself—you’re going to win that two grand and show whoever wrote the note that you’re in charge.
You drink your coffee, starting to get uncomfortable now. After you finish, you comment on how crampy and gassy you’re feeling. You get a text:

Dearest Alexa,
Did you enjoy the coffee? I made it for you myself… you might have noticed it tasted a bit different than usual. I hope you don’t mind—I took the liberty of adding a special ingredient. Now don’t worry… it’s just going to get things moving a little faster… you can probably feel it going to work right now, gurgling away inside you. I hope you don’t have an accident—it would be so embarrassing to mess your diaper at work.
Hang in there,

You’re furious, but you try to calm down, reasoning that it’ probably just a joke. But you quickly realize that the text was dead serious and soon you’re desperate to go. You curse and whine, talking about how embarrassing it is for this to happen to someone as beautiful and rich and powerful as you.

After your accident, you get another text:
My little potty-pants,
I’m sorry to see you won’t be getting your money; take comfort in the knowledge that you look absolutely adorable waddling around in your poopy pampers.
I’m sure you’ve probably figured out that I’ve been watching you. In fact, my cameras have seen everything; and unless you want your stinky little bottom all over the internet for everyone to see, you need to do one last thing. I want you to plant yourself down on that messy little bottom of yours, and I want you to rub yourself to a nice climax. Who knows… maybe you’ll learn to enjoy it.

!!!!!You Never see inside my diaper!!!


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