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Double Shit Load After Bike Ride Part 1


I went for a long bike ride, and about an hour away from home, I started to feel like I would have to shit! Man that is a long time to wait with a poop log stuck in your butt grinding away on a bicycle seat :O(
I FINALLY get home but before I can even get to the toilet I can’t wait any longer and start taking a loooooooooooong huge shit in my pants! I swear I must have been shitting for 5 minutes straight!
The poop gets all squished up in my underwear, and of course starts to fall out the sides of my panties and shorts onto the floor…yuck and it made my whole apartment STINK! I was so desperate though, I couldn’t wait!
All that pooping tired me out so I have to sit down, and when I do the poop squishes onto my inner thighs and leaks out onto the floor. A LOT falls on the floor LOL. It feels good to sit in your own shit though, weird!
I finally get up and take off my shorts and show you my messy white panties full of my brown kaka. WHen I take off the panties my ass is smeared and covered in shit! Some even falls out of my butt onto my shoes :O(
Then I show you the whole mess of poop that has dropped all over my floor and then show you the money shot with my white panties on the floor smeared in my special chocolate! In the end, I pick up all the shit that had fallen on the floor and put them back into the panties, since I have a feeling in my intestines that I will have to go again….so I want to shit again on top of the first pile of poop to make a mega-load for you to see! That will be coming in Part 2, so get this video and stay tuned for the next one!


Length:  8:21s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 136 MB

Hi fellas! I will be away most of April (4/10 to 4/15 in Napoli, 4/22 to 5/2 in TOKYO!) so if you send me a message I most likely won’t reply until after the beginning of May. See ya in May! Hoping to film some poop scenes in those comfy Japanese toilets LOL


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