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Filling My Jeans Making Dinner


I have friends coming tonight for dinner, and wanted to prepare a special and complex recipe. But I am running a bit late.
You see me coming home, removing my jacket, and going to the kitchen.

Standing in my kitchen, I start to cook. The meal I am preparing is quite complicated to do, and I am concentrated.

After some time, suddenly, I feel an irresistible need to poo. But I have pans on the heat and I cannot leave them without keeping an eye on them. And I must continue cooking as the recipe has to be followed in a precise timing.

I have no choice but to poo in my jeans while I continue my cooking. After having pooped, I sit a few seconds on a chair to feel the poo in my butt crack, then I stand up and continue to prepare the meal.

When I have finished with the recipe, I go to the bathroom and undress for a quick shower. I first remove the top, then my shoes, then socks, and finally jeans at the end.Looking and spreading my cheeks at the huge stinky mess I’ve made! I shower and dry off before my guest arrive.


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