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Hangover Double Kaka-tail Double Shit!


Your favorite little pooper went to a party last night and drank a lot too much hehe! You could say I always order double kaka-tails ;O)
When I tried to fall asleep though after coming home, I was woken up by a little warning sign fart that would foretell of things to come later! I turn on my little flashlight to let you see me do my drunk pre-poop fart, too!
Finally in the morning I am feeling WRECKED (looking wrecked too, fellas…this is not a glamour clip!) and so weak almost unable to move. But I have to take a big shit, I can feel it! I don’t have the strength to get up out of bed so I roll my ass over the side of the bed and shit on the floor doggie-style! HAHA
I feel better ass-wise, though my head still hurts, so I climb back in bed, not even cleaning up the pile of poop on the floor… stinks so bad but I am too tired to clean it up! But after a moment I realize I have to shit again!
What the hell? This is not cool, I am not feeling good and don’t want to have to get up again. But I have no choice but to bend over doggie-style again and add another pile to the shit that is already on the floor.
A drunk poop mountain for you to enjoy! I zoom in on all of it’s gin-covered shiny glory for you to savor hehe.


Length:  7:13s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 115 MB

Hi fellas! I will be away most of April (4/10 to 4/15 in Napoli, 4/22 to 5/2 in TOKYO!) so if you send me a message I most likely won’t reply until after the beginning of May. See ya in May! Hoping to film some poop scenes in those comfy Japanese toilets LOL


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