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Huge Ballet Injury Poop!


I’m practicing ballet in front of my huge mirror at home. Things are going well, I am holding a poop in as I want to keep on practicing….until I do a pirouette and injure my leg! The pain paralyzes me and I can’t move from where I am at in front of the mirror! Oh no!!! But I still have to shit so bad. There is nothing I can do as I am unable to get up to poop on the toilet, so I am forced to do it on the floor in front of the mirror. You should see the HUGE shit pile I make, it is ENORMOUS!!!! Ballet injuries have never affected me like THIS before! ;o)


Length:  3:42s 
Resolution: 720x576
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 57 MB

Hi fellas! I will be away most of April (4/10 to 4/15 in Napoli, 4/22 to 5/2 in TOKYO!) so if you send me a message I most likely won’t reply until after the beginning of May. See ya in May! Hoping to film some poop scenes in those comfy Japanese toilets LOL


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