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I Make A Mess!!


Wearing a skin tight dress and high heels, I come home and tell you how desperate I am. I show the camera that my panties are little wet from peeing a little on myself. I tell you how I’ve been trying to hold it and I’m so glad to be home. I lift my skirt showing how my pee spot just got bigger. I pull down my panties to my lower Calf and start heading to the bathroom. However, I’m expecting a very important phone call and accidentally leave my phone behind. Shit, I am not going to make it to the bathroom at this rate. I grab myself and let out a few farts and say I guess I have to shit too and laugh a little. I approach the toilet and start to use it like a urinal but completely miss. I guess my aim is off haha. I begin to start farting while peeing when my phone rings. Of course it rings NOW! I answer the phone while trying to hold myself to stop peeing and back away from the toilet. This was a mistake. I begin to pee the floor AGAIN! I continue to have the phone conversation while crossing my legs and bouncing up and down trying to hold it. I grab my ass to try to muffled the farts but it seems to only make it worse. I show the camera my poop that keeps trying to poke out, and hold it some more, showing the camera the skid mark panties from trying to hold it in. I reach for a cup and start peeing in it but am having trouble. Every time I try to pee my poop keep wanting to come out. I hold my ass more, trying to hold it in but it’s no use. I grab a paper towel and poop all over it while pissing and still having my phone conversation.


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