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I Love Your Weird Sock Pooping Fantasy, It’s Fun!


Oh you are so cute and weird with your sock pooping video request, but you are lucky I am a fun and open girl ;O) I have been holding my shit in for a long time, as I woke up early and there wasn’t good light in my flat to film…so I waited FOREVER to finally release this HUGE fat shit OMG hahaa.
I tell you all the things I ate the day before, which was so much I went to bed with a bad stomach ache! But it all came out all over my socks, just like you like little poop weirdo hehe. There are some nice poofy and crackly gas sounds, too!
Anyway, so I pooped on my socks for you, I am happy to get you off however you request! You are going to love my big fat long load…hehe now my socks could be called foot-long socks!


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Hi fellas! I will be away most of April (4/10 to 4/15 in Napoli, 4/22 to 5/2 in TOKYO!) so if you send me a message I most likely won’t reply until after the beginning of May. See ya in May! Hoping to film some poop scenes in those comfy Japanese toilets LOL


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