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Messy Diaper Holding Contest!


When Danni and Jesse get home from the store they are both desperate to use the bathroom. Jesse tries to make a dash for it, but as she opens the bathroom door, Danni slams it shut saying how desperate she is to poop and that’s why she should go first. Any other time this may have been a valid reason, but poor jesse also needs to poop is on the point of pooping her panties!

Both girls continue their argument and try desperately to get passed one another, until Danni gets a very naughty looking in her eyes!

“Let’s put on diapers and see who can hold the longest!”

Jesse grins. She finds doing anything in diapers with Danni extremely arousing, especially messing them together.

Stripping out of their clothes, Danni pulls the pack of diapers out the bag announcing to jesse how she’s about to shit her pants!Jesse is not finding holding any easier and she doubles over as the cramps start in her tummy. The girls quickley get in to their and then the real challenge begins!

Both so very desperate to go, they wriggle and squirm. Danni being very competitive is determined not to loose!

One of the girls can hold no longer! A loud fart rips as she looses all control. The other laughs as she watches her friends diaper filling up fast! The laughter being her down fall as she then also begins to mess her diaper!The hot and mushy poop spreads out all over her butt cheeks as it trys to find room in the diaper!

With both girls now in a full and smelly diaper, Danni goes to the mirror to check out her butt. Telling Jesse that she still needs to go more, she bends over and begins to push again. A big fart echos through her diaper as more mess lands in to it! Her diaper now VERY full is hanging so low between her legs. But it just wont stop! Danni changes to a squating position and poops even more!

With them both so turned on in their messy diapers, they get up on the bed and begin touching each other, mushing the smelly mess all over each others pussies and ass and kissing each other pashionately. Danni moans with pleasure as Jesse rubs up and down her diaper, spreading the mess even further over her pussy.

Danni turns on to her hands and knees, and begins to rub up and down on her own pussy while Jesse spanks her VERY dirty ass.

When Danni feels her diaper is not holding the mess any more, the girls decide to get changed. All cleaned up the girls are about to get themselves some clean diapers to spend the rest of the afternoon in, when Danni suddenly realizes she has to poop more! With her muscles already tencing she knows theres only one thing to do if she doesn’t want to mess all over the bedroom floor. She grabs her messy diaper and puts it back on! No sooner has she got it between her legs and the tape one side done up, another huge poop explodes in to her diaper! Then a huge pee! It’s all to much for the diaper and the piss begins to run down Danni’s legs!

“Oh shit there’s more!” Danni exclaims with the pee still running down her legs!

Jesse is laughing hysterically as she asks Danni if she has Diarreah!

Danni carries on farting and pooping until she’s literally having to hold her diaper together!


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