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Pee in a Beer Jar and more OUTSIDE


My bladder was full and my naughty mind had a kinky idea.
So I took the beer jar and went to a quite corner of the backyard.
What better way to see a nice stream of pee, the color and amount than in a glass jar?
I take off my tracksuit pants and my panties, placed the beer jar at the floor between my legs and squatting over it, I started to pee.
A few shy streams came at first, but then wide streams of pee rushed into the jar.
You can see how the stream exploded all over the side of the jar, half filling it.
When I felt relieved I started playing with the warm pee, dipping my fingers and moistening my pussy lips with pee.
Then I took a straw and played with the pee, sucking in it and then making bubbles into the glass jar…


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I’m a young Spanish girl with some dirty secrets.

Exhibitionist, Voyeur, always Switching between “Little Girl” and “Dirty Mistress” depend on the mood.

I love watersports, diaper, farting, pee, poo (but not over me), toilet slaves, period play, wet and messy,….

I love to explore new things!

I really enjoy thinking about someone enjoying my goods (panties, diaper, “spiced” meals, shoes, socks, stockings,….)

I can’t list all the things I like… If you don’t find what you are looking for send me a Private Message!

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 Pee in Pants


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