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Pee holding challenge part 2


I tried to make another pee holding challenge video. This was was slightly harder to make. I drank a bunch of water and it all collected in my bladder at once. It went from nothing to “holy my bladder is going to explode” in a very short amount of time. I started out by drinking one bottle of flavored water. As I start drinking another one I can feel my bladder starting to fill up. but someone requested a cam show so I had to pee before I started, But during that time my bladder began to fill up with all that water I was drinking and I became very desperate and bloated. I tried to twerk but it was too painful. I tried to hold out longer by using the hitachi but it made me orgasm very quickly because my bladder was so full. After that I simply could not hold it in. I squatted over a measuring cup and pushed the pee put as hard as I could in a messy, strong explosive jet. I fill the cup up to about 2 cups. I was so desperate that if I held it any longer I would have pissed myself. I had hopped to pee more but I had to go and couldn’t possibly hold it for longer.


Length:  27:20s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Pee queen


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