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Pizza Shits In My Jeans


Thank you so much for bring this pizza home for me, I am starving. So if I do not talk because I am so hungry, this pizza is great. Wait a minute is this cheese? Shit you know I am lactose and tolerant I am going to be farting all day now, but I guess if you don’t care I will just keep eating it. As I am finishing my last few bites, my stomach starts to hurt and I start farting. Sorry If there wasn’t cheese on this I would be fine. I keep farting and they start to get messy and wet. I hope they are just going to be farts, I stand up and realize I have to shit. Do they have a restroom here? Oh it’s to late I shit my jeans, yes I shit my pants! Look and see how bad it is, I pull them down and my orange cotton panties are dirty and filled with poop. I hope that’s it, nope there is more I poop more into my pants, and to top it all of I pee myself also getting so embarrassed and mad at you. this is your fault! No I can’t sit down, why should I? I sit down and the poop and pee squish together making a mess, I pull down my jeans. You suggest that I masturbate with the poop inside, so I do and realize how much I enjoy it. I squish and grind the poop in and orgasm. Thanking you for a great experience!


Length:  16:02s 
Resolution: 2704x1524
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File Size: 1 GB

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