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Pooping My Jean Shorts


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Today I’m wearing tight, short jean shorts and white panties underneath. I also have a bit of a tummy ache, but I’m been holding it so I can share with you. When I felt the urge to go come on strong I ran into the bathroom, turned on my camera to capture this messy accident and share it with you. These short shorts don’t contain this mess. After I have noisy diarrhea in my shorts, I pull them down to give you a nice view of my white panties. The big brown spot in so obvious on them Wanna peak inside my panties? I’m soo embarassed but okay, I’ll show you. Enjoy my messing and embarrassment in this poopy clip.


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I just can’t stop having accidents…

1 review for Pooping My Jean Shorts

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    5 out of 5


    This was a huge explosion in her pants! It blew right out the side of her shorts and you can hear it hitting the floor. She kept her shorts on for a while and modeled them for us after she pooped in them and then took them off and modeled her messy white panties for a long time. Very nice video, good sound and lighting. I hope next time she is wearing a pair of jeans and I would love to hear her talk. Even if she doesn’t speak English, I don’t care, I would love to hear her voice.

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