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Post-workout pee fountain on the couch


I had just gotten back from working out and I drank a lot of water while I was there. I felt my bladder getting fuller as I was on the treadmill and I could feel the pee sloshing around in my bladder. I sprinted back from the gym because I had to pee pretty badly. When I got back, I saw that the bathroom door was shut and my roomie was in there. I decided to try and wait it out by doing the pee pee dance while still wearing my workout clothes, My urethra was burning by this point. Eventually, I said “fuck it” and decided to pee in the living room. I take off my sweaty yoga pants, sit on the couch, spread my legs, and let out a clear fountain of pee. The stream got some distance and hit the bottom of the TV stand where my camera was at one point. It’s a good thing I peed when I did because I would have wet myself otherwise. Hope the roomie isn’t pissed when she sees that I pissed


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Pee queen


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