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Pregnant With A Turd Baby!


I ate way too much! Now I’m pregnant with a big food baby! My belly feels huge! So stuffed full of food that will soon turn into a healthy turd baby! I wonder how long it will take this baby to come to term! I know I’m going to try to hold it in as long as I can! The baby will tell me when it’s time to give birth!

For the next few days, my belly will be growing so big! Soon I’ll be waddling around, clenching my ass closed so I don’t have a premature turd baby! Being pregnant with a big stinky food baby makes me so horny! I love to show off my growing belly and play with my horny pussy! Each day I tell you about how I am coming along in my pregnancy. On the third day my milk comes in! I take my big boobs out to show you and then I start to pump them with my breast milk pump! Mmm! It feels so good to feel the suction on my nipples!

I’ve already started having contractions! That’s when my belly starts to rumble, and my turd baby thinks it’s time to come out! It is desperate to make it’s way out of my womb!

Finally the day has come! It’s time to give birth to my shit baby! I am breathing heavy and working hard to suffer through all of those massive contractions! I am feeling the need to push!

I lay down on my back and spread my legs. I pant like a pregnant lady and start to grunt and moan so loudly as I PUSH! I keep pushing and pushing! I am moaning and groaning trying to get the huge turd baby out of me! It feels like it is ripping me open, stretching my asshole so wide! With one last final push my turd baby finally is all the way out! Oh it’s so beautiful! I have the prettiest baby! I love it so much!

I am one proud mama!

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