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My Six Hottest Desperation Clips


Not Feeling Well /White Pants Desperation
I drank alot last night at the bar, and wasn’t feeling this well this morning, i had the worst diarrea! it was so watery and smelled just like vomit! Views from 2 different angles/cameras.

Pink Panties, Huge Poo!!
I had to go so bad that I just went poo, right into my panties! OMG It was such a Huge Load! Nice long look at the mess the end of the clip.

Desperate Poo All Over My Down Jacket
Completely covering my new down jacket in fresh soft poop! and then wiping my shitty ass on it.

Colon Cleanse
The aftermath of me taking colon cleanse supplements! It wouldn’t stop coming out! very noisy!

Ruining My Pink Running Shorts
I went for my regular morning jog today, but i must have drank a bit too much coffee this morning because all of a sudden my stomach started to hurt so bad and I could barely hold my shit until I got home! Wanna see what happens next? tehe!

Serious Desperation
I get ready to poop on a picture for a friend of mine and came very, very close to pooping in my jeans instead cause i had to go so freaking bad! you can see the sheer desperation in my movements and in my face. No acting in this one! haha! I cover his picture in my runny poo and then sit on the toilet to poo some more! then i wipe and flush =)


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