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Shitting My Leather Pants


Oh no no no! I have to go so badly. Please no. The door is locked. Hey whoever is in there! I need to use the bathroom RIGHT NOW! Seriously hurry up! I can hear them laughing at me…because they know how desperate I am. I try to hold it but it’s too late. I empty loads after load into my leather pants, absolutely mortified. Not only did I just ruin my favorite pants but I know the person in the bathroom just heard the whole thing. I give a sigh of relief. I FINALLY get into the bathroom but I’ve already messed my pants so no point in using a toilet now. I pull down my pants and show you the disgusting mess I’ve created before I start shooting out more shit onto the ground. Its literally is projectile shits!

Mess show: ALL ( Inside the pants, on the floor, on my ass and thighs, pussy, ect)


Length:  9:04s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 280 MB

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